Spring is Here!

April 5, 2023
Spring is Here!

Spring is here, meaning warmer weather is on the way! 

The change in season is a perfect way to get outside and do some fun learning activities! 

Here are a few easy and fun ideas to get you and your kiddos outside:

  • Finding bugs, birds, or other animals and learning more about them
  • Finding rocks and sorting them into piles based on size, shape, or color, and then painting them!
  • Going to the park and talking about what you see (red car, big green tree, puffy white clouds), or play ISpy!
  • Fill up a water bin and splash outside
  • Planting flowers in a garden
  • Tracking the progress of the buds blooming on the trees
  • Making an obstacle course with chalk
  • Having a picnic, read a book outside, paint a picture outside