Research Study Opportunity for Tourettes Drug

July 17, 2023
Research Study Opportunity for Tourettes Drug

Scientists are investigating a study drug called ecopipam for adults, adolescents, and children with Tourette’s Disorder. A study drug is one that is not yet approved for use by the public. Ecopipam functions differently than the currently approved therapies for individuals with Tourette’s Disorder. Scientists want to find out how it works over time and how safe it is for children, adolescents, and adults with Tourette’s Disorder. Pharmaceutical companies use clinical studies like this one to learn more about study drugs before they are made available to the public. Study participants can help us in this important research. There is no cost for participating!

To qualify for this research study, you must:

  • Be at least 6 years old
  • Weigh at least 18 kg (39.6 lbs)
  • Previously diagnosed with Tourette’s Disorder
  • Have both motor and vocal tics

Download this flyer for more detailed information about this study.

Thank you for your help!