Congratulations, Paige!

September 7, 2023
Congratulations, Paige!

We would like to congratulate Paige on her promotion to Case Manager! Paige started working at Creating Brighter Futures in April 2023. She has a passion for working with our children and ensuring their success. 

Currently, Paige's life consists of finishing her Master's degree, working, and taking care of her 2 dogs!

The things that Paige loves most about her new position is being able to be more involved with the scientific/ data driven side of ABA. She would like to know more of what the data means for the child's success and how to further help them along the way. Paige loves CBF because of the atmosphere and level of care and support everyone shows to not only the kiddos, but each other!

We are lucky to have you, Paige! Your caring spirit does not go unrecognized!