Creating Brighter Futures offers individual and family mental health services.  Our counseling program offers solution focused talk therapy for individuals and family members effected by autism.  Autism effects not only the individual who is diagnosed but has a tremendous influence for all involved individuals.  These are a few correlations that may lead to treatment beyond Applied Behavior Analysis therapy.

  • Children with autism have comorbidity rates up to 88%. 
  • Families are more likely to experience financial hardships
  • Couples experience higher divorce rates
  • Siblings have difficulty coping with and understanding autism spectrum disorder

CBF can help families navigate the added stressors and common disorders associated with autism.  CBF counseling can help address depression, anxiety, family dynamics, trauma, and more.  We pride ourselves on treating not only the child on the spectrum but providing supports for the entire family.  If you are interested in learning more about our counseling program please reach out today.

Our Counseling Program Focuses On:

Family Dynamics
Spousal Relationships
Sibling Relationships
Emotional Processing
Processing of Diagnoses
Collaboration of Treatment
Behavioral Intervention