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What to do...What to do...

March 16, 2020
What to do...What to do...

Well, here we are. It sure has been a crazy few weeks and looks like it will be a crazy few MORE weeks. Here are 8 things to do with your families while "social distancing" yourselves.

  1. )Take frequent walks! Get outside. Nature and the sunlight are perfect for the stress and health. Go to a walking trail you have never been to! See if you can hit one trail a day.
  2. ) Go for a drive. Pick a few places to go take pictures with the family. Have them printed and make a photo album of your day!
  3. ) Support your local restaurants by way of drive through or take out! You can have a picnic or dinner at the park.
  4. ) Do a giant puzzle. Even young kids can help sort by colors. Doing a come and go project helps pass time and is a great way to work together for a goal.
  5. ) SPRING CLEANING! Air out the house, wash windows and pull out the refrigerator. Get the kids involved with organizing and purging. Need inspirations? Watch Tidying Up or The Minimalists on Netflix to get your spring cleaning juices flowing!
  6. Learn how to draw for and with your kids. There are some amazing videos on YouTube teaching simple drawing techniques. Kids love to watch you draw! Have them tell you what your picture needs or where it should go to maximize the interaction. Here are some links to get you started:
  7. ) Opt for music instead of screens. As all parents know, unlimited screen time makes for very cranky kids. Turn on the tunes! Background music can improve mood, spark creativity and change the energy of the home.
  8. ) Stick to a schedule. Write out a family schedule and stick to it! Families with special needs children do much better if they stick to some type of daily schedule. Using pictures on your schedule can be very helpful. 

We all wish everyone the best during this trying and uncertain time. Feel free to reach out to us for personalized ideas to get you through your extended home time. And, as always, we are here for you.