Creating Brighter Futures - ABA Autism Treatment Center For Children Ages Two Through Eighteen

Family-Based Autism Clinic Conveniently Located In Ann Arbor Michigan

At Creating Brighter Futures (CBF) we offer customized Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) autism treatment for children between the ages of 2-18. Our unique family-based Autism treatment center is conveniently located in Ann Arbor, Michigan and uses individualized behavioral and play-based autism therapy to dramatically improve your child’s skills.

We understand the confusion and frustration that follows an autism diagnosis, and we’re here to help you navigate through this uncertain time in your life. Our caring and experienced staff of therapists (and mothers) will be happy to answer your specific questions about autism during this difficult time.

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Center-Based ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) Autism Therapy In A Family Environment

Many autism clinics utilize hospitals and clinical settings which create environments that your child may not be comfortable with. Our Ann Arbor Autism clinic offers you proven ABA therapy that allows your child to quickly reduce undesirable behaviors in a positive environment similar to preschool or kindergarten.

Why Center-Based Treatment?

In addition, your child feels more relaxed and more receptive at Creating Brighter Futures with:

  • One-On-One ABA Treatment For Autism Supervised By Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) Staff
  • Autism Treatment For Your Child That Includes Fun Group Therapy And Social Interaction With Peers
  • ABA Therapy For Autism In A Family-Oriented Learning Center
  • Phone Support With Our Clinical Director (BCBA) For After-hours Help When You Need It
  • Proven Autism Spectrum Therapy For Your Child As Well As Providing Your Entire Family Support, Education And Encouragement.

Warm And Friendly Staff

Our experienced and loving staff takes great pride in the customized ABA autism therapy for your child as well as the education of other family members. Some of the unique benefits of our ABA treatment for autism and parent education includes:

  • Free Tours Of Our Family Based Autism Treatment Center To Give You And Your Child An Idea Of The Positive And Loving Service We Provide To Residents In And Around Ann Arbor MI.
  • A Free Initial Consultation To Determine If Creating Brighter Futures Autism Treatment Center Is The Right Choice.
  • Free Assistance Dealing With Insurance Companies To Ensure You Are Receiving The Coverage That You Deserve And All Your Benefits.

Educating And Guiding Families On Autism With Quarterly Parent-Training And Ongoing Support

Autism affects your child and impacts your entire family as well. At CBF our experienced staff will assist you in becoming fully educated and prepared to teach your child how to reach their fullest potential.

For instance, our free quarterly parent training programs offer informative weekend clinics focused on important topics like insurance for autism treatment, potty training, sleeping issues, behavioral issues and functional challenges at home. One of our primary goals is to equip you as parents with the necessary tools to properly deal with any situation.

Call (734) 926-0740 To See If Creating Brighter Futures Autism Treatment Center Is The Right Choice For Your Family

Skill Acquisition

At Creating Brighter Futures we will be targeting the following skills: pre-academic and academic skills, behavior reduction, social skills, play skills, potty training and other daily living skills. We will also offer individualized programming based on the specific needs of the client. Whether your child needs intensive intervention, or simply needs support in a few areas of development we are here to help. Contact us to learn more about our programs and how you can get started!

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Expertise

Behavior analysis focuses on the principles that explain how learning takes place. Positive reinforcement is one such principle. When a behavior is followed by some sort of reward, the behavior is more likely to be repeated. Applied behavior analysis (ABA) is the use of these techniques and principles to bring about meaningful and positive change in behavior.

Getting Started

An initial assessment will be conducted with your child using the Verbal Behavior Milestone Assessment and Placement Program (VB-MAPP) or Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule, Second Edition (ADOS-2). The results from this assessment will then be used to develop an individualized ABA program for your child. This program will be implemented in a 1:1 ratio at the clinic by a therapist trained in the principles and techniques of ABA. Contact Creating Brighter Futures to get started.

Public School Assistance For Autism Clients. Call (734) 926-0740 For More Information

To effectively advocate for you and your child we give school assistance for IEPs (Individualized Education Plans) when your child transitions into public or private schools. At the proper time, our staff will advocate on your behalf and provide assistance to make the transition from CBF into the public or private school system as smoothly as possible.

As you know Public schools are often strapped for resources, so we’ll work hard to ensure that your child receives the best attention and resources possible.

Now… Are You Ready For Your Free One-On-One Consultation With Our Clinical Director?