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June 1, 2020

Schedule changes are hard! They are exceptionally hard on families with children who have communication challenges. It seems like just when we get into a new schedule, it's time to change. With the COVID crisis still sneaking around and everyone trying to get back to some semblance of normalcy, transitioning back to therapy can be a little tricky. The following are some ideas to help soften the transition for everyone:

  1. Speak in specificsuse therapists names! If they particularly connect with someone, using their name in an excited tone of voice will help prepare them for coming back to the center. (IE: "You get to go see Mara tomorrow, how exciting! Mara misses you so much and will be very happy to see you!") 
  2. Make sure the kids have a set sleep routine. Sleep is such an integral part of being able to handle the challenges of the day. Please let us know if this is an area you may need help with. Your BCBA would be happy to work with you on an action plan. 
  3. Having a positive and forward thinking mindset even if the kids are struggling. Your kids take their ques from you. If you are calm and positive, it will help them when they are not. Being the calm constant for them will help lessen their anxiety in duration and intensity. 
  4. Communicate! Let CBF know how we can help you. We love and care about you and your family.  Let us do what we can to help transition the kids, Mom, Dad and caregivers as gently as possible.