Incorporating Language into Daily Learning

March 30, 2022
Incorporating Language into Daily Learning

1. Access to AAC 

      Especially for a child with limited verbal means, an AAC (augmentative and alternative communication) system can be considered their voice. Make sure the AAC device is always in an accessible spot for the student to reach on his own so they can communicate freely.

      2. Multiple Opportunities

          Create multiple chances for the child to communicate a message they have mastered. For example, have them greet you and five peers every morning to solidify salutation skills. 

          3. Aided Language Stimulation 

            This is a teaching system that emphasizes building and modeling longer phrases for the child. If the child conveys, “I see a car,” you might model, “oh great you see a BLUE car.” This helps increase and vary the phrases they may use.

            Happy Language Learning!