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The feeding program works with children between infancy and 18 years old. We provide evidence-based feeding intervention that will teach improved oral motor abilities and reduce problematic behaviors during mealtimes. Goals targeted in this program often focus on efficient oral motor skill acquisition, reduction in hypersensitive gag reflex, improved cooperation with eating, and increased diet repertoire. We will focus on family-centered goals and provide interdisciplinary care throughout your child's intervention.

Our Feeding Program Focuses On:

Oral Coordination and Efficiency
Swallowing Function
Increased Volume of Oral Intake
Increased Bite Size
Increased Variety of Food Textures
Reduced Reliance on Tube Feeds or Nutritional Supplements
Oral Hypersesitivity
Mealtime Behaviors
Increased Food Repertoire
Systematic Introduction of Foods to Reduce Anxiety Associated with Oral Intake