Family Friendly Fourth of July

June 30, 2022
Family Friendly Fourth of July

Fourth of July can be a very overstimulating holiday for individuals with Autism. We want to make sure our children and families are happy, safe, and most importantly have FUN! Here are some tips on how to have a fun and safe Holiday weekend:

  • Know your child’s limits. Parades, BBQs, changes in routine, and firework shows may overstimulate some individuals. Base your plans off of what you know your child can handle. Watching fireworks or parades from a distance may be beneficial.
  • Warn your child what they may experience before the experience. Showing videos of parades or fireworks will help them be more prepared on what to expect.
  • Create a safe zone for your child. This may include comfort blankets, pillows, noise canceling headphones, or extra toys to play with.
  •  Check-in with your child to make sure they are feeling comfortable and not too overwhelmed. Taking a break from the loud noises and routine changes may be helpful.

We at CBF hope you have a healthy, happy, and safe holiday weekend!