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CBF Celebrates the Holidays

December 22, 2021
CBF Celebrates the Holidays

We had so much fun celebrating the holidays together over the weekend. It was great to connect outside of work and enjoy each other’s company, great food & a fun gift exchange. 

To top it off, we started a new CBF tradition — Mock Election Awards! Check out who was voted to win each category.

  • Cookie Monster Award (loves food): Jacki Mayowski
  • Cool as a Cucumber Award (best under pressure): Jess Ardner
  • Jitterbug Award (biggest coffee drinker): Danielle  
  • Sour Patch Kid Award (most likely be positive): Kamryn & Sara  
  • Recess Award (most likely to take time off): Tyler 
  • SHHHHH Award (quietest): Eli 
  • Loudest Talker Award: Mara 
  • Social Butterfly Award: Emily F 
  • Rocky Award (biggest athlete): Deanna 
  • Eric Carle Award (most artistic): Madolin  
  • Mary Poppins Award (most patient): Ashley 
  • Duct Tape Award (fix-it award): Jessica Irish 
  • Ducks-in-a-row Award (most organized): Elia 
  • Peace-out Award (most likely to hop on a plane): Rachael C.

We are so proud of everything our staff has accomplished this past year and look forward to more great things in 2022. We wish you and your loved ones a very merry holiday season!