Benefits of Sensory Play

January 5, 2022
Benefits of Sensory Play

Check out these amazing benefits that engaging in sensory play has on learning. We love engaging with slime, sand, rice, and shaving cream around the center — here’s why!

Sensory play can help with...  

1. Cognitive & Brain Development: Sensory play helps us build and strengthen brain connections, fine tune our sensory integration abilities, and explore the world.

2. Emotional Regulation: Sensory play allows kids to have experiences that trigger new emotions. When those emotions come up, they learn how to recognize and deal with them.  

    3. Language Development: The more sensory play kids can engage in, the more activities they can find words to describe. As they become familiar with new textures, smells, etc., they can expand them into their imagination and vocabulary.

    4. Gross & Fine Motor Skills: Sensory play not only gives kids practice with manipulating objects, but it can also strengthen motor pathways in the brain. Studies have found a connection between the sensory and motor cortices of the brain. 

    Furthermore, sensory play can help make daily life easier and is a skill that can be worked on over time. Last of all, it’s FUN!