Back to School - Sensory Kit

August 15, 2022
Back to School - Sensory Kit

Looking for ways to help make the transition back to school easier for your children? A sensory kit is a bag or container that has various items that can calm and stimulate a child’s nervous system. Although each kid has different sensory needs, here are some ideas of what to include in your kit: 

  1. A Compression or Weighted Item: These items are sensory triggers that tell the body it’s safe to relax. There are lots of different options, such as vests or blankets, based on what your child can tolerate 
  2. A Favorite Fidget: A fidget provides an outlet to soothe ourselves through movement and help reduce nervous energy 
  3. A Comfort Item: Being in a new place can be scary or stressful. Keeping a familiar item can be comforting  
  4. Headphones: For individuals who are sensitive to sound, having a pair of headphones on hand can be useful in loud environments 
  5. Books, Coloring, Worksheets: Having something to look at or engage with that your child enjoys is another option for entertainment and soothing 
  6. Squeezing Stress Tool: This is a great item to have for proprioceptive and tactile input to use during overwhelming or stressful situations 

Spend time exploring the items in your sensory kit with your child to help them gain familiarity with its contents. Know that some items may not work for your child, and that’s okay! Take the time to experiment, explore, and find things that work best! 

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