University Of Michigan Fraternities And Sororities Benefit Families Living With Autism With $40,000 Donation

University Of MichiganWith an initial goal of raising $15,000 at their annual Winterfest broomball tournament, fraternities and sororities from the University of Michigan ended up raising $40,000 to donate to the Autism Alliance of Michigan.

Fraternities Build Ice Rink For Charity

Nineteen fraternities and sororities at the University of Michigan came together earlier this year to organize their annual fundraiser. This year, the “Winterfest” fundraiser which was hosted by the Alpha Sigma Phi fraternity and held at Pi Kappa Alpha, attracted thousands of spectators and donors who filtered in and out to watch the Greeks’ broomball tournament throughout the day. The outdoor ice rink was a result of the efforts of the brothers of the fraternity who designed and constructed it themselves weeks before the event.

Fraternities Took Responsibilities Seriously

Broomball is similar to hockey, played on ice where players wear boots and use a broom to hit a ball into the goal. But there was much more that went into the event than constructing the ice rink and playing the games. The fraternity was complemented by Colleen Allen, the CEO and president of AAoM who oversaw the fundraising for the event. Allen highlighted the way the fraternity was able to create a budget, solicit in-kind services and products and sponsorships. Additionally, they had the tasks of setting up their fundraising website, researching marketing options and ways to maximize profits, working with local law enforcement to prevent potential problems and risks and coordinating and scheduling the teams who played.

Fraternities Have Positive Impact

Not only did all the excitement help to raise awareness of autism on the campus of University of Michigan, but the fraternities were also able to successfully raise funds as well. Allen commended the fraternity for directing their efforts toward positive, charitable activities. This comes at a time when a handful of fraternities in the US have gotten some negative attention. Allen highlighted that not many in the public are aware of and recognize the positive philanthropic work that fraternity members do and how their efforts can positively impact a college student.

Funds Directed Toward Resources And Life-Saving Devices

The fraternities directed their fundraising to help support low income families affected by autism in obtaining resources and access to services. Additionally, their donation will fund scholarships to events and for life saving GPS devices for those children with autism who have a tendency to wander, or who are at risk for drowning and other accidents. The Autism Alliance of Michigan has a mission to lead collaboration to improve the quality of life for those with autism and their loved ones through education, comprehensive services, advocacy, dedication to community and navigation.

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