Tips and Trick for a successful Halloween for children with ASD!

Halloween is an exciting holiday for kids, but it may offer certain challenges for children with ASD.  Here at CBF, we have prepared a list of tips and tricks to make your kiddo’s Halloween the best one yet! 


 Start Preparations Early:

  • Create a visual of what Halloween will be like! Use pictures or drawings and look over it with them at least a few times before the big day.  
  • If your kiddo struggles with the idea of a costume, begin practicing wearing the costume once a day for a few weeks before Halloween!  Have them wear it for short periods of time, slowly increasing the amount of time as Halloween gets closer. 
  • For non-verbal kiddos, make sure to add a button/PEC that they can use to say, “Trick or Treat!!” 
  • (If possible) Practice trick or treating at a neighbor’s house! 
  • Many kids do better when they have a routine and know what to expect. Plan the route you will walk ahead of time, talk about which neighbors and houses you will visit, and practice walking the route a day or two before October 31st. 

Halloween costumes:

  • If your child is resistant to Halloween costumes, try a costume that is made up of typical clothing!  Some examples:
    • Pajamas (that mimic the clothing of a character) 
    • Onesies 
    • Boy from ET (jeans, red sweatshirt, carrying “handlebars”) 
    • Scarecrow 
    • Wizard of Oz 
    • Black cat  

 The Day Of: 

  • Know your child’s limits and do only what he or she can handle.  For example, if your child is not comfortable trick-or-treating, you can start by going to three houses.  Assess how your kiddo is doing and build up to more houses the following year! 
  • Take your kiddo to an activity in the community, such as a school festival or a neighborhood party where they are already comfortable and know people.   
  • If you are giving out candy at your house, give your kiddo the option to help hand out candy.  This can help practice greeting unfamiliar people! 
  • If your kiddo is afraid of going out at night, play indoor or daytime Halloween activities.   

We hope you have a fun and spooky Halloween!