Robots Help In The Fight Against Autism

Robots Helping Children With AutismChildren with autism have been interacting with a human-like robot that is delivering revolutionary autism intervention and transforming the way children with autism are being taught.

Robot Helps With Social Interactions

Robots are teaching kids about a wide range of social interactions and is proving to be extremely effective with kids with autism. Dr. Pamela Rollins of UT Dallas Callier Center for Communication Disorders has been working with a company called RoboKind to help develop the robot named Milo.

Milo is a 2-feet tall robot with human-like features and mobility but is cartoonish enough to appeal to children. Children on the spectrum are engaged with Milo and enjoy interacting with him. Dr. Rollins says that all children with autism have problems relating to social interactions. These kids are typically very good with using technology. Milo’s works to create the bridge between human connection and interaction and cartoon technology.

Kids Respond To Milo Rather Than Humans

During a typical learning or therapy session, children with autism sometimes struggle to look at and talk to human therapists. But when presented with Milo, the children light up and engage with the robot 87% of the time, according to Rollins.

What’s Milo Got That Humans Don’t?

The robot is able to speak 20% slower than an average human speaks. While his facial expressions are natural looking, they are limited in range to help avoid involving emotions that could impede how a child with autism learns. One benefit of using the robot, is that it is able to repeat itself many times. According to Rollins, kids with autism need a lot of repetition.

The Future Of Milo

The robot allows children on the spectrum to learn about social skills without the difficulty of the learning being social, says Rollins. They are able to repeatedly practice and learn these important skills and have interactions with the robot, which can eventually lead into situations with humans.

The hope is that once a child has worked through the curriculum for about a year, they will be able to go forward with their lives and participate in more interactions and activities with peers and family members and lead more fulfilling lives.

Creating Brighter Futures

Creating Brighter Futures is proud to offer customized Applied Behavior Analysis in our unique family-based autism treatment center. Our individualized behavioral and play-based therapy helps to dramatically improve children’s social skills. Contact us at 734-926-0740 for a consultation where we will be happy to answer your questions about the great things your child and your family can expect at Creating Brighter Futures.

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