Recognizing Signs Of Autism

Signs Of AutismIt is possible to test children as young as one year old for the risk of autism. Children develop differently, but research shows that the earlier treatment starts for children with autism, the better the improvements shown during development. As a parent, you should learn the early warning signs, so that if action is needed, it can be taken as soon as possible.

Signs During The First Two Years Of Age

Your child may be at risk for autism if he or she demonstrates the following behaviors:

  • No, or little, interaction to facial expressions such as smiles.
  • No early attempts of making sounds such as babbling and cooing.
  • No use of gestures to communicate.
  • No response to his or her name.
  • Language delays as indicated by not speaking any words by 16 months, or using words together by 2 years old.
  • Lack of interest in the surrounding environment indicated by not interacting with people or objects, or interacting in a seemingly inappropriate manner.
  • A sudden loss of communication and social interaction skills. Sometimes a child with autism will begin development on par with other children, and then suddenly lose skills.

Seek A Professional

If you feel your child may exhibit these characteristics, you should talk with your pediatrician. Even if your child may not fully have the symptoms, if you have any concerns, talk to your child’s doctor. There are tests and screenings that can be performed that will either alleviate your concerns, or allow you to get early treatment if needed. Don’t make things worse by waiting. Your child is not likely to develop the skills they need without help.

Creating Brighter Futures Can Help

If you have received an autism diagnosis, we can help guide you through the steps you need to take to provide the best treatment possible for your child. At Creating Brighter Futures, we offer individualized autism treatment based on Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) for ages 2-8. We help not only the child, but also the whole family by providing education, training programs and weekend clinics on everyday challenges faced by you and your family. We are proud of our program and in the treatment it provides for your child and in the education and training we give to families dealing with autism.

For more information about our ABA therapy programs at Creating Brighter Futures, or to set up a free consultation, call us at (734) 926-0740 today.