MSSNG: Will be the Largest Database of Genomes from Autism Speaks

Autism Speaks DatabaseThis month, Autism Speaks launched MSSNG, a campaign intended to support and create what is anticipated to be the world’s most comprehensive database of sequenced genomic information on people with autism spectrum disorder and their family members. MSSNG’s objective is to create a database of 10,000 individuals’ genomes in an effort to achieve a better understanding of autism spectrum disorder.

Data Will be Made Available To Researchers

In collaboration with Google, Autism Speaks will store the data from MSSNG on the Google Cloud Platform. This platform will provide a portal for open resource access and sharing by qualified researchers and scientists located worldwide in an effort to gain a greater understanding of autism. This landmark concept is much needed in the research and study of autism and is already gaining a great deal of interest by the scientific and medical communities alike.

The MSSNG Genome Database Is Already In Use

So far, 1,000 human genomes have been sequenced, according to Rob Ring, the Chief Science Officer at Autism Speaks. It is reported that twice as many genomes as those that have already been sequenced are in queue to be sequenced. Autism Speaks expects to sequence in total 10,000 whole human genomes and they report that there is already talk about setting that goal even higher to 100,000.

According to Autism Speaks, results of a study of the initial 100 genomes have already been made available by the American Journal of Human Genetics in July 2013. The milestone study has advanced the understanding of autism subtypes and allowed several families to obtain information that was useful in guiding their diagnosis and treatment. It is anticipated that the MSSNG program will ultimately discover many differing subtypes of autism and direct the way to individualized treatments. Matthew Higgins, chairman of MSSNG explained that although they can’t be sure if this data will lead to any treatment, it will lead to answers.

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