Creating Brighter Futures Highlighted In The January Issue Of Ann Arbor Family

Ann Arbor Family MagazineThe January 2015 issue of Ann Arbor Family magazine featured an article showing how Creating Brighter Futures provides autism support that leads to successful futures for our patients. The article pointed out that we are a small family owned facility in Ann Arbor, Michigan, that provides an intimate setting that is ideal for the treatment of autism. The magazine interviewed Jessica Irish, our clinical director, who encouraged parents to make an appointment for autism evaluation when a child exhibits out of the ordinary behaviors. She should know the importance, having just had a family member diagnosed with autism in the past year. She stressed that early intervention provides the best possibility for success.

Using ABA Therapy At Creating Brighter Futures

Rather than have a clinical setting that may prove unsettling for your child, at CBF we have an intimate environment similar to preschool or kindergarten. Our ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) therapy quickly and effectively reduces undesirable behaviors in your child with fun group therapy and peer interaction, as well as one-on-one interaction. Positive reinforcement is a guiding principle of our program. The approach is not cookie cutter, but is individualized for each child. We can structure a program that fits the needs of your child, no matter the level of intervention required.

Family Support

CBF doesn’t just help the child; we provide support for the entire family. We provide education and training for you, the parent, focusing on elements that help you properly deal with any situation. There is phone help, even for after-hours support. We work with your insurance company to be sure you receive the proper coverage and benefits.

Is Creating Brighter Futures Right For You And Your Family?

We provide free tours of our center, and a free consultation to determine if CBF is right for you. If you decide that it is a good fit, an initial assessment is given and an individualized program will be developed for your child. We treat children between the ages of 2-8. We will also help you when your child goes into public or private school to be sure the transition is as smooth as possible.

For Your Brighter Future, Contact Creating Brighter Futures Today

We take great pride in our program, in our therapy for your child, in our education measures, and in our results. As Jessica Irish said in the Ann Arbor Family article, “We want parents to know that we’re going to care for their kids as if they were our own.”

For more information about our ABA therapy at Creating Brighter Futures, or to set up your free consultation and tour, call us at 734-926-0740 today.

If you would like to read the article focused on Creating Brighter Futures in Ann Arbor Family magazine, feel free to check it out below:

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