Autism Alliance Of Michigan Uses New Tool To Help Families Living With Autism

Autism SupportMichigan families affected by autism will benefit from a new dynamic, personalized navigation service. Find out below how the community at large will also benefit from this unique navigator system.

New Navigator Is Personalized And Dynamic

Thanks to the Autism Alliance of Michigan (AAoM), Michigan families will be able to receive targeted resources and support with MiNavigator, a new personalized program that provides resource and case management information. The data is helpful in that it is specific to Michigan and up-to-date with information on services, support and resources available in the state. Additionally, with help from $1.5 million of state funding, AAoM will be able to connect families with skilled clinical, educational, and insurance experts. The MiNavigator will also offer free case management with access to experts and information that includes online resources, phone contact or email inquiries.

Insurance Legislation Has Opened Overwhelming Possibilities

Since autism insurance legislation came into effect in the state in 2012 requiring insurers to cover autism treatment, a large network of autism providers has become available and it continues to grow. But, as families attempt to navigate the hurdles that are involved in seeking quality care services for autism treatment, they can become overwhelmed by the growing network. This is where MiNavigator will assist families with a database of reliable information of providers in the state of Michigan.

Navigation Services Will Benefit Children And Adults With Autism

The newly introduced MiNavigator is not only for children with autism. Some adult service issues are also being supported by the related state funding. And, the communities at large will benefit by the new navigation system along with families affected by autism. The idea is that as more and more children and young adults with autism transition into adulthood over the years, there will need to be an increased level of autism awareness and understanding in their communities as those adults with autism increase in numbers and work to assimilate into their communities. The AAoM says that a goal is to work toward a day when it will be a common occurrence for individuals to attend schools, work and have many friends and even a spouse who has autism, rather than just happen to have met a person or family of someone on the spectrum.

Resources And Autism Services In Ann Arbor

This is an exciting new resource for Michigan families of those with autism and we look forward to reading about more and more new developments in the near future.

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