Five Games Every Home Should Have!

We are game experts around here! Games are a great way interact one on one, with friends or with the whole family. Techs use games daily at Creating Brighter Futures. We change the rules to fit our goals and we use the materials from games to facilitate communication. Here is a small list of five games we think all families should have in their closet.

  1. Sequence For Kids– This is a great seek and find game for matching animals, facilitating language, and turn taking. Perfect for ages 3-7.
  2. Zingo– One of our all time favorite games! Perfect for any age; matching, language, turn taking, scanning, fine motor skills…this game has it all! Easy to change the rules to meet your needs and skill level.
  3. Jumpin’ Jack– This is a sweet little first counting game that is perfect for preschoolers. There is a great fine motor component as the players have to pluck the carrots from the mound and put them into their basket. Watch out…that bunny could pop at any moment! Kids love the anticipation.
  4. Sneaky Snacky Squirrel- Hold on to your Nuts! The Squirrel could swipe them when you’re not looking! This fun game has a pair of cool squirrel pinchers that the kids can use to steal nuts from their buddies. They work on fine motor skills and don’t even know it. The colorful board and easy play make it a joy for kiddos ages 3-7
  5. Diggin Doggies –Who let the dogs out? This fun and silly game has a magnet component kids LOVE! It is just enough to keep them engaged and anticipating their turn. Matching colors, taking turns, counting and more. This game is a staff and kiddo favorite!
Sneaky Snacky Squirrel
Jumpin Jack
Diggin Doggies