Is Your Child’s IEP Individualized To Their Needs?

Individualized Education ProgramIf your child has special needs and attends public schools they are entitled to an IEP. To create an effective IEP (Individualized Education Program) parents, students, teachers and other staff must come together to look at a student’s individual needs.

What Is An IEP?

Each and every child that receives some type of special education or related service is required to have an IEP. It is also important that all IEP’s are designed for only one student and must be truly individualized based on the needs of the student. The IEP is often looked at as the cornerstone to assure that a child with disabilities is able to achieve the most effective education possible.

Steps In Special Education Process

  • A child is identified as potentially needing some type of special education or related services.
  • Child is evaluated by professionals and eligibility is determined.
  • If the child is found eligible for services, an IEP meeting is setup.
  • IEP meeting is conducted and the actual IEP is written.
  • Services are provided in accordance with the IEP and progress is measured and disseminated to parents.
  • The IEP is periodically reviewed for accuracy.
  • The child is reevaluated to determine if the IEP is still accurate or may need to change.

Checklist To Determine If Your Child’s IEP Is Individualized

Below is a checklist to help you determine if your child’s IEP is indeed individualized depending on their needs.

  • Does your child’s IEP address all needs that arise from his/her disability?
  • Does the IEP have goals that are measurable?
  • Are these goals consistent with your child’s academic levels?
  • Does the IEP show you how these goals will be measured towards the goals?
  • Does the IEP have information that is accurate based on your child’s current academic levels?
  • Does the IEP indicate when you will receive reports based on measurable goals?
  • Does the IEP list the exact services and aids that the school will provide to your child?
  • Does the IEP make certain concessions for your child to not only participate in the general curriculum but also to participate in extra curricular activities?
  • Does the IEP explain how your child will be educated with children who are not also disabled?
  • Does the IEP indicate for how long the necessary services will be delivered, as well as where the services will take place and the date as to when they will begin?

The IEP Process Can Be Complicated

As you can see there is a lot that must go into a child’s IEP. This is why at Creating Brighter Futures our board-certified behavior analyst staff will work with you to ensure that your child’s IEP is accurate based on his or her needs. For more information about our center based ABA autism therapy give our office a call today at (734) 926-0740.