Understanding Autism And Managing ASD

Autism Treatment Center In Ann ArborCreating Brighter Futures is an autism treatment center in Ann Arbor Michigan and is conveniently located for those living in Washtenaw County and the surrounding areas. We offer tested and proven ABA Applied Behavior Analysis treatment for children with autism at our family-based autism center, and focus primarily on play-based autism treatment for kids ages 2-18.

Our experienced staff is a team of autism treatment specialists, and we’re here to help families like yours that have a child with autism through the aftermath of an autism diagnosis; as well as assisting you with ongoing customized autism treatment and therapy for your child. Some of the special help and ongoing assistance we offer Michigan families consists of:

  • Autism Treatment For Children At A Family-Based Autism Clinic In Place Of A Hospital    
  • A Free Consultation To See If We Are The Best Choice For Your Family
  • Free Help With Your Insurance Company To Make Sure You Are Getting All Your Benefits
  • Help With Your Child’s School Administration To Ensure You Are Getting All The Assistance From Them You Are Entitled To

As you may have heard in the past, many autism clinics in Michigan are located in hospitals and other very clinical settings, and many times children and families are uncomfortable with that environment as a learning place. At Creating Brighter Futures Autism Treatment Center, we offer your child customized autism treatment that dramatically reduces negative behaviors and facilitates better learning using our non-clinical approach that’s very much like a public or private school environment.

In addition, we’ll work extra hard to ensure your child gets all the attention and resources they are entitle to from their local school. Call us today at (734) 926-0740 for assistance and more information about autism.

Autism Treatment For Children Plus Ongoing Education For Parents

Our autism treatment for children includes proven family-based Applied Behavioral Analysis autism therapy plus we provide ongoing family education on all topics of autism. We also offer parent training programs on important autism topics such as child rearing, medical insurance matters, potty training and behavioral issues related to autism. The end goal is to equip your entire family to handle any situation arising with their child in the autism spectrum.

As you know, the autism spectrum affects not only the child but your whole family. At Creating Brighter Futures autism treatment center our ABA treatment takes advantage of many proven techniques that will assist parents in being better educated and equipped.

Talk To An Expert At Our Center About Your Child’s Needs (734) 926-0740