Trusted ABA Autism Treatment Located Near Northville MI

Autism Treatment Northville MICreating Brighter Futures is an experienced and caring autism treatment center now offering personalized Applied Behavior Analysis autism treatment and therapy in a family-based environment; and successfully using proven play-based autism treatment for children.

The loving and caring staff here understands the uncertainty, anger and frustration that follow an autism diagnosis, and we’re here to help you and your entire family every step of the way. Our team of therapists and autism treatment specialists offer Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA treatment) and ongoing education for your entire family, and we’re always available to answer your questions and address your specific concerns about the autism spectrum and autism treatment.

The caring staff at CBF autism treatment center is experienced in personalized autism therapy for children and the ongoing education of your entire family. Some of the additional assistance we provide will include:

  • Tours Of Our Autism Treatment Center That Give You A Look At Our Clinic, So You Can Compare It To Traditional Autism Clinics That Don’t Offer Personalized ABA Care
  • Proven Autism Treatment And ABA Therapy In A Family-Based Clinic So Your Child Feels More At Home
  • Initial Consultations To Determine If CBF Is The Right Choice For Your Family
  • Assistance In Talking With Your Insurance Provider To Guarantee You Are Receiving The Best Coverage And Benefits

Many autism clinics near Northville Michigan and the surrounding area will be found in hospitals and clinical settings that often create an environment that’s unfriendly and uncomfortable. At CBF Autism Clinic we provide a very effective ABA autism therapy that has proven to quickly reduce unwanted and undesirable negative behaviors by utilizing our family-based approach, and a non-clinical environment similar to what you would find at a preschool.

Applied Behavior Analysis For Autism And Ongoing Education For Parents

At CBF Autism Center our treatment includes tested and proven family based ABA autism spectrum treatment, and we offer your entire family ongoing education on all matters concerning autism. You will take advantage of parent training programs that discuss very important matters about autism that include insurance, child rearing skills, sleeping problems, potty training and behavioral issues. Our goal is to fully equip every parent to effectively handle any situation they may encounter with a child in the autism spectrum.

In addition, Public Schools are often behind on administrative duties, and we’ll work to make sure your child receives the best attention and resources from their school. Call (734) 926-0740 today for help and more information, and remember your child’s autism therapy at CBF includes regular status reports to measure his or her language skills, behavior skills and social skills that you can easily follow and observe.

Caring And Compassionate ABA Autism Therapy For Children In A Family-Based Center Near Northville Michigan