Autism Treatment Center In Ann Arbor MI

Autism Treatment Ann Arbor MICreating Brighter Futures autism treatment center offers proven family and play-based autism treatment in Ann Arbor, Michigan. We have consistently over time provided amazing results with young children diagnosed with autism using ABA autism treatment. Our location is conveniently located at 4201 Varsity Drive, Ann Arbor MI 48108, and both parents and children are saying they prefer our non-clinical approach to autism treatment over traditional treatment you would commonly find at hospitals.

Your child will learn easier and show faster results with our play-bases autism treatment; which is very similar to a preschool or early education environment in a fun and loving center operated by or ABA trained staff and clinicians. Many of our students with autism have been able to attend public schools after completing our proven autism treatment program, and they also enjoy the increased interaction with other children their age.

Autism Treatment And Ongoing Parent Education Or Assistance

We understand how autism impacts the entire family, and our caring and well educated staff of professionals will help you to be completely educated through our ongoing training, autism treatment program and weekend clinics that will help you to better understand and improve your child’s:

  • Issues With Potty Training
  • Problems Sleeping And Restlessness
  • Behavior Or Learning Problems
  • Communication Problems
  • Problems Making Friends

The main focus at Creating Brighter Futures Autism treatment center is to fully equip parents and children with autism for any problem or concern that may happen at home, school or in the public. Our experienced staff takes great care in specialized autism treatment for your child along with personalized ABA therapy for every child, and the ongoing education for the entire family.

A Proven ABA Autism Treatment Center

Many of the benefits to our very successful family-based autism treatment will include a tour of CBF, so you and your child can see for yourself our experienced and caring staff along with the excellent service we offer every family. You also will receive an initial consultation free of charge to determine exactly if CBF is the right autism treatment center for you. In addition, we continually provide free assistance with your insurance questions and will evaluate your situation to make sure you are getting all the coverage and benefits you should be.

In addition, we work directly with you and your child to target the important life skills every day. These skills include academic skills, improving social skills and play skills, dramatically reducing negative behaviors plus improving important daily living skills. We will also provide personalized programs targeted on all the specific needs of each child. For instance, if a child needs constant attention or just support in just a few key areas of his or her life skills we will customize the right program for the perfect fit. Call now and discover more about our autism treatment programs to see which one is the perfect match for your family.

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